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What you can look forward to …


Mobile internet for keen Web users

Sky TV package

Ideal for families and fans of film or football

free parking

for cars, lorries and buses

24-hour reception

Come and go when it suits you

Time-saving and efficient

Stay, eat and drink by the motorway

Air conditioning

A comfortable room temperature at all times

Why stay with us?

Service station hotels save a lot of time when it comes to arrival and departure, because there is no need to handle the stress of battling through the heavy traffic of a city to reach a hotel and, above all, a parking space.

With service station hotels, you simply take the motorway exit and you’ve arrived. Any size of vehicle can park without difficulty and, above all, for FREE.

You can put the money you save on parking to far better use. By spending it on a delicious meal, a refreshing drink or a purchase from our shop, for example. The varied range on offer from our brand partners means food and drink to suit any taste are available with service around the clock!

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